Giving up is too easy!

You ever walked away and quit something, only to wish you never had. Usually when you quit something, It means you don’t plan on going back! Quitting sometimes can be the easiest thing to do. It says that you don’t have to be bothered with any actions related to the task you ultimately quit,but at what cost? Quitting simply says that you have allowed the enemy to win and take charge over your future. You have allowed your fate to be determined by a one syllable word called QUIT.

I remember when I wanted to quit and just give up! I remember thinking about how much stress would be relieved the moment I quit. The question still remained, why was I quitting? Why did I really want to let go of what I was working on? Was I giving up because I thought it was too hard or was I giving up because I didn’t think I could handle the challenge. Either way I would be giving up on my dreams and my aspirations.  This brings me to the evaluation I had to do on myself. I had to evaluate and ask my self, at what cost am I giving up on myself and my dreams?  When I evaluated it all, I found that  quitting wasn’t the answer. Quitting was only allowing me to have an unfulfilled dream. So I’ll ask you, at what cost are you quitting? What will you lose? What will you forfeit the moment you quit? Is quitting really the answer? The answer can only come from you. You have to look deep within yourself and determine if “Quitting” is what you really need to do. Because in the end. Quitting never fulfills a dream.

You may be contemplating quitting a relationship, quitting on your dreams, or even quitting your job, but before you do, ask yourself.

Will quitting fulfill my dream?

What will you forfeit? Lose? Gain?

What will be the ultimate cost of you quitting?

Is this a godly decision I am making?

What will my life look like if I quit?

What will my life look like if I proceed?

The answers are truly up to you.

Until Next Time,

Monique Pettaway


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