Coaching with Monique

Are you ready to step up and achieve the things you’ve been dreaming of all your life but still haven’t achieved? Unleash Your Great Coaching will guide you from where you are to the happiness and fulfillment you desire. Unleash Your Great incorporates biblical and spiritual principles to give you not only practical results but to feed your soul as well.  As a result you will expand your vision, build your confidence, unlock your potential, increase your skills and take practical steps toward your goals.

Unleashing Your Great is what you have been called to do!

Eight months after I was married, my entire world imploded. I was now married with a husband in prison for being convicted of murder and was given life without parole. My life was torn apart and I had no one to turn to. I felt helpless, hopeless and hurt by my situation. I immediately went into my own personal mental prison due to such a tragic loss.  After experiencing years of doubt, fear, shame and confusion, God began to show me my life’s purpose of helping others overcome their mental pain and loss in their lives. “Unleash Your Great“ is about becoming and releasing the power that lives deep within you despite what you’ve been through. It’s time for you to “Unleash Your Great!” The world is waiting on you to release your gift! What are you waiting on? God has already completed the plan, you just have to work the plan that God has ordered for your life. Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

Here’s what you can expect working with me…

When you work with me, I promise to be the ear that you need when no one else will listen and be the accountability you need to meet your goals, dreams and desires in life.  You will also gain:

  • Encouragement and inspiration to move toward your goals
  • Develop a personal plan to be empowered for life
  • Discover your personal gifts and passion
  • Learn how to turn your pain into power
  • Develop and gain confidence in yourself
  • Be healed, delivered and set free from past hurts
  • Learn how to cultivate your mind for a breakthrough mindset

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Coaching brings about balance, benefits and change. The desires in your life can be obtained simply by making the decision to explore, dream and discover what life has for you. Take your first step today and let Monique help you realize your dreams and achieve your goals.

What will I gain by working with a life coach?

Training alone compared to working with a coach is different. There are several important reasons. Here’s why:


Most life coaches have three calls a month with their clients. This regularly scheduled call prompts clients to get more done than they would if left to their own devices. Think about it, if you work out with a personal trainer at the gym, you would work much harder than you would on your own. You are able to take action, set achievable goals and create the life you want by working with a professional life coach.


A trained life coach knows how to help you set the right goals, make more money, and structure your personal and professional life so that you can achieve the life you want. You will gain so much more with a certified life coach on your side.


A well-trained coach knows how to use the right words so that you are naturally motivated. It doesn’t take brow-beating or nagging when you are working with a skilled life coach. Coaching typically works best with a weekly call so clients have time to integrate new ways of thinking and take action each week toward their goals. Most life coaching is done by phone and delivered in half hour to one hour sessions. The experience is challenging and uplifting. You’ll look forward to your weekly calls with your life coach.


When you team up with a life coach, results happen quickly. People who hire a life coach, find that they get better and faster results with a life coach than without.

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If you want to change YOUR life and create happiness and fulfillment, take your first step today and let Monique help you realize your dreams and achieve your goals.

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