Hi! I’m Monique Pettaway

Let me work with you to achieve your biggest goals and dreams.

Life Strategy Coaching

Are you here because you’re struggling to discover your purpose, build your self-confidence, discover your passion and achieve your goals? If so, arrange a free Life Strategy Session and experience how Monique can help you change struggle to success.


An inspirational speaker, Monique helps her audience unleash their greatness and overcome life’s greatest challenges. Monique welcomes opportunities to speak  to women to help them develop their inner power so they can live successful, prosperous lives.

Life Strategies Podcast

In her podcast, Monique shares the 3 S’s – ‘Stories,Strategies and Sermons” – to inspire, empower and uplift women all over the world. This unique podcast delivers insightful and revelatory information that will change your life. Subscribe today.
Monique provided me with the tools I needed to continue on my journey. ~ O. Bolton

Working with Monique, I was able to be healed from past hurts and was able to find forgiveness. She was very patient, understanding and showed much compassion in our sessions. She gave me tools to focus on for my continuing journey. ~ S. Stallworth

Working with Monique helped me to change my mindset and overcome my past. I am now over my fear, feelings of unworthiness and anxiety. ~ M. Hopkins

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Are you meeting your goals? Have you ever wondered why some people always seem to get things done? Or maybe you’ve wondered why others around you are meeting and exceeding their goals? Could it be that they have a motive? What is your motive? A motive is something...

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Live in the present

Live in the present Have you ever felt like you missed out on something in life? Or felt like you haven’t experienced all that life has to offer. Better yet, you felt like life has passed you by and that you haven’t done all you set out to do. We all have dreams and...

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Running on Empty? Preparation is Key

Ever feel like you are running on empty? Life can be overwhelming at times and this can cause many people to feel like they are running on empty. This feeling can lead to burn out. But often times individuals don’t realize how he or she is being affected simply...

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