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Known as “The One that makes you think”, Monique Pettaway is a Certified Life Coach, Speaker and Author of Incarcerated but Free, How to find freedom from your mental prison and has coached women on how to get their lives back on track and begin to live a life of abundance and prosperity after a traumatic experience.

Monique is the creator of the program “Unleash Your Great, No Matter What You’ve Been Through”. Monique is on a mission to help women all over the world develop their inner power so they can live successful, prosperous lives while equipping them for the use of God.  Monique inspires hope, action, and encouragement!

Monique believes that when you learn how to overcome your past you can use it to power your future. Monique’s students go on to live abundant and prosperous lives. Monique has spoken to large and small groups which includes Women’s groups, young adult groups and ministries. Her speaking challenges the way you think about yourself, your past and your future and inspires her audience to take action.

Speaking Topics

Unleash Your Great, No Matter What You’ve Been Through

Women can become great when they understand what’s sabotaging their success and learn how to move from their pain to their passion. Unleashing your great, no matter what you’ve been through will teach you how to  empower your life and discover the  greatness that lies within. This  step by step process ” has inspired and empowered women to pursue their passions and move beyond their past experiences.

Overcoming Challenges

Can’t seem to get over the challenges of life? Life got you stuck? If you’ve been struggling with being able to move forward, Monique is the Overcoming expert who can show you how to overcome common life’s challenges. The Overcoming challenges program focuses on getting to the core issues and root causes of what’s holding your back.

Love Behind Bars-How to Cope With a Loved One in Prison

Are you feeling ashamed, embarrassed or hurt by your loved one being incarcerated? It’s not your fault!!!!  Having a loved one in prison is difficult and impacts the entire family.  Learn strategies on how to cope on the outside of prison walls. Learn the S.O.U.L technique developed by Monique that can bring you the results you need for a happier life despite the circumstances.

Praise for Monique

“In life you can often find yourself falling and rising up and down as if on an emotional roller coaster ride, not really sure of which direction or turn the ride will take you next. This can leave you with a feeling like you are not in control.

It’s times like these when you need “grounding”. This is exactly what Monique Pettaway offers you through her words of encouragement and her bridge of genuine heartfelt connection.

Uplifting, full of sincerity and with a conviction of belief, Monique Pettaway’s strong and powerful, yet gentle reassurance, will remind you, as a Child of God, of the journey that you are meant to be taking and the visually clear road that you are meant to be on. All backed by scripture.

No matter what you’re going through or dealing with, and if you have somehow forgotten yourself and “Who” you are, hearing Monique Pettaway speak will be truly empowering!”

“Her story is powerful as she teaches you how to break free from your MENTAL prison and the 4 steps to coming back after tragedy and trauma.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner, 9-5er, or part timer.. this episode is for everyone who is HUMAN. For everyone who FEELS. Everyone who’s been knocked down or feels like the rug has been pulled out from under then. There is better ahead for you.”

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